Town of Olean, NY

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Highway Department ~

Highway Superintendent - - Patrick Zink
Phone: 716-372-1060 (w)    716-307-6052 (h)
Address: 1948 Godfrey Hollow Road, Olean NY

Deputy Highway Superintendent - - Scott Nary
Phone: 716-372-1060 (w)     716-378-2905 (h)
Address: 1948 Godfrey Hollow Road, Olean NY

Full Time Class B Operator/Laborer - - Stan Moore

Full Time Class A Operator/Laborer - - Doug Lockwood

Full Time Class A Operator/Laborer - - Jim Rickey

Part Time Class B Operator/Laborer - - Ron Tuttle

What We Do

~ Maintain 33 miles of road
~ Plow Snow
~ Mow and trim grass, weeds and brush
~ Maintain and repair equipment and vehicles
~ Maintain road signs
~ Assist other agencies during natural disasters
~ Maintain and clean roadside ditches
~ Maintain drainage and culvert pipes
~ Pave, patch, and resurface roadways
~ Remove downed trees
~ Maintain guide-rails
~ Assist other municipalities through shared services

Dig Safely NY - Call before you dig.  NYS law requires all individuals to call "811" prior to beginning any type of digging or excavation work.   


April 15th - October 14th
Mon. - Thurs. 6 AM - 4 PM

October 15th - April 14th
Mon. - Fri. 6 AM - 2 PM

Helpful Links

Vehicle and Equipment Inventory

Road Maintenance/
Seasonal Roads

There is NO PARKING on any road maintained by the Town of Olean from 12/1 - 3/31 of any year.  Snow plowing regulation.

No contractor or individual is permitted to push snow across or into a roadway. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law violation

All roads maintained by the Town of Olean are posted for an 8 ton weight limit. Any individual or corporation intending to operate a vehicle with a gross weight of 8 or more tons is required to file an application for a Temporary Exemption Permit with the Highway Superintendent.  No hauling will be permitted without a proper permit and financial security.  This policy is strictly enforced to protect the roadways within the Town of Olean